Goal setting simplified

What is a typical usage scenario on get goaling?
  • There is a one time activity of setting your goal which includes adding a goal, and adding action plans to achieve those goals. In case you want to share your goals, you should also add friends.
  • Then there is the regualar tracking of your progress using journals, compliance tracking using 'hit or miss' and percentage completion.
  • In case there are individual tasks to be performed for achieving the goal, the same can be added for a goal as an when they crop up and the same can be marked when done.
  • You regularly interact with your friends on the goals you shared with them using comments, to which your friends can respond to support you.
  • In the end you 'close' your goal when you achieve, drop or miss it.

How do I use journals
  • Journal is a mechanism to watch yourself. In case you are watching your health you can maintain journals on nutrition, exercise, sleep etc. to see what you are doing and what is the impact, so that you can make adjustments, based on observations. Journal entries are linked to action plans. In order to have a daily or weekly journal an action plan has to be created with the required frequency, daily or weekly. In case you want to maintain a daily journal, you have to define the compliance frequency as daily while creating the action plan.

What is an Action plan?
  • It usually takes you to do more than one thing to achieve any goal. For example, to lose weight, cutting down on your calorie intake will be just one of the actions, excercising regularly would be another action. So for every goal there is an option to create multiple action plans and track them.

How do I track my progress?
  • In case your action plans need to be tracked on a daily or weekly basis, then while defining your action plans, you set the compliance tracking frequency as Daily or Weekly. For such action plans, you can log if you were able to work as per the action plan or not using the 'hit or miss' function on the Goal chest page. The consolidated compliance data can be seen using the 'view' link on Goals page, and any corrective action required is taken.

What in case I no longer wish to pursue a goal or I have already accomplished my goal and no longer want to see it in my Goals page?
  • Once you are done working on your goal, you close the goal. The close option is available corresponding to the goal in the Goals page. You can also log any learnings or advice while closing your goal.

What is friends, how should I use it.
  • Friends is an option that enables you to share your goals with a select few people. These people are your true friends who supports you, encourages you or advices you w.r.t your goal. Your friends have to be members of Get Goaling in order to interact with you on the site. So when you add them an email invitation to join Get Goaling is sent to them on your behalf. Their email id while registering should be same as the one that you have added them with, for the system to create the link between you and your friend. When adding a goal, set "Shared with" as Friends and select the friends with whom you would like to share your goal with and Save.

How is friends useful for me?
  • The goals that are shared with friends are visible to them, so the comments that you make on the goal can also be seen by them. They can respond to the comments that you have made or otherwise also post comments asking you how are doing with your goals. This kind of visibility and support increases your accountability to really achieve your goal, in the end helping your cause and making you successful.

Who all can see my goals?
  • Who can see your goal is a choice that you make while creating a goal. You may choose not to share your goal with anyone, or share it with only a few people of your choice, using 'Friends' or make it public to share it with the world. You can also change the visibility of you goals at a later point in time after you have created you goal, by using the edit goal function.

How do I set a reminder?
  • Go to the Goals page, from the header menu bar, click on the drop down 'You can', corresponding to the goal for which you want to set the reminder and choose the option 'Set a reminder'. It shows options to set a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly reminder. Make your choice and Save. In case you want to remove a reminder, choose 'None' from the options and click Save.

How do I ask a question or provide a feedback?
  • Once you login, there is 'Report a problem' option in the footer, you can use that to provide us with any feedback.