Goal setting simplified

How goal setting works with get goaling

The objective of getgoaling is to provide you 360 degree support, from setting goals to achieving them. Whether your goals are short term or long term, personal or professional, simple or not so simple, the site should be of help. This is achieved by helping you define SMART goals, set action plans to achieve them, track progress using various tools and provide an interaction model to help you interact with people who can advise and encourage you to achieve your goals.

1. Setting goals

Getgoaling helps you set goals comprehensively, by helping you put your goal, its significance and a target date, in writing. Setting your goal in writing is much better than keeping it at the back of your mind. Writing significance of your goal will help you appreciate the value of your goal and keep reminding you of its importance every time you view your goal.

2. Planning actions

The second step is to identify the things you need to do to achieve your goal. A comprehensive action plan will help you start in a structured manner. The action plans are reviewed regularly for compliance and give you fair idea of whether you are on track or not.

3. Tracking progress regularly

The third step is regular tracking of the progress you are making on your goal. It is a continuous activity and helps you keep on track. Multiple mechanisms exist to support tracking progress on your goal.
a) Maintain a list of discrete tasks that need to be done to accomplish your goal. Knock them off when you achieve them.
b) Maintain a daily or weekly journal of your progress on your action plans. In case you have identified certain routines for acomplishing your goals, then those can be tracked, such as diets, exercise or study plan.
c) Measure and log important parameters for your goal such as weight, calorie intake, savings etc. daily, weekly or monthly. These can then be viewed as a line graph.
d) Update % completion of your goal.
e) Capture compliance of your action plan. So in case you have planned to study 4 hours daily, you can capture which days you have and when you haven't, giving you a compliance %.

4. Getting support

Achieving a goal not only requires your own perseverance and spirit, it also requires guidance and encouragement from friends, seniors or mentors. You can log your comments and experience about your goal journey and share it with your friends. Your friends can make comments and respond to the comments you have made to help you with your goal.

In case you need a little nudge to bring you back on track, set a reminder on your goal which can be set for a daily, weekly, monthly frequency.