Goal setting simplified

Latest goals

patrick wants to : loose 10.8 kg before April
It is important to me because : so that I will look better naked, and climb harder.
Dawn Black wants to : Lose 30 pounds Final weight 150 pounds
It is important to me because : I am overweight. it's rather unattractive, unhealthy and it slows me down. Don't like it. Gotta fix it.
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Edward wants to : I will be a non-smoker starting today!
It is important to me because : 1) I want to be healthy to be there for my children. 2) I want to be healthy for me. 3) My wife hates smoking and wants me to be healthy. 4) Smoking is too expensive. 5 packs a week, at $6 a pop, for one year equates to $1560 that can be spent on my household and my family's future.
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Jasmin wants to : I want to hit 160-165lbs
It is important to me because : I need to feel healthier, need to look better in my clothes. I think successful people also care about their health and bodies
Lina wants to : Get slim.
It is important to me because : My clothes have been too small so that I cannot use them.
Soha Elsahn wants to : Became an Athlete
It is important to me because : Feel good, more self-confidence, Healthy happy person, enjoy shopping.
Ed wants to : Reduce Body Weight to 220 Lbs by 12-13-2013.
It is important to me because : Much better health and hopefully more energy and pride.
Ed wants to : Get rid of storage rental
It is important to me because : Save money and get rid of junk
Ed wants to : Max out Roth IRA contribution
It is important to me because : Prepare for Retirement
Rachel wants to : I would like to complete minimum 100,000 crunches/sit ups in 365 days
It is important to me because : I always challenge myself physically and this is just another physical challenge I am placing on myself. My physical goals are extremely important because my late mother had a debilitating neurological disease. I watched her completely lose the ability to walk and she was always supportive of my love for fitness. I like to say I run because she could not walk...I strive to push myself physically because she was unable too. The last birthday gift she gave me before she passed was running shoes; she knew sporting equipment was like diamonds and pearls to this active girl.