Goal setting simplified

What can I use get goaling for

Get goaling is a online tool set that can be used for various purposes. Whether you use all the tools or just some depends on your need. Below is a list of reasons why you might want to use get goaling's various tools.

1. Goal setting

You want to commit yourself or make yourself a promise that you will achieve a particular goal. Put a timeline and plan for achieving it. You track it regularly and make setting goals a way to take on challenges or doing things you really want to do.

2. Periodic Journaling

You want to regularly keep track of something you are closely following, such as your diet plan, your exercise, how your day went, your mood or just about anything. You want to develop a new habit or give up an old habit and want to watch your personal experience and learn from it.

3. Tracking progress by plotting graphs

You want to track your weight, calorie intake, savings, hours of study etc. at a daily, weekly or monthly frequency and see how you are doing.

4. Managing tasks

a) You want to plan your day or week with to do list.
b) Check out outstanding tasks and finish them.
c) Print to do list for the week and pin it on the board.

5. Connecting with people

a) Connect with people pursuing similar goals and learn from each others experience.
b) Share your experience with a mentor or supervisor and interact with him. As a mentor, you can guide your mentee on the goal he is pursuing.

And of course all these tools can be used collectively to achieve your goals.